It’s, Mac-l-more, not Mac-le-more. Just to clarify, for ya none Irish speakers. Anyway…

The Heist was the first album I listened to by Macklemore (and Ryan Lewis). Ryan was the guy creating the instrumentals, so it’s crucial to mention Ryan. However, the lyrics were Macklemore. And for that, I credit Macklemore more than I do Ryan.

The Heist was magical. Every song on that album was fire. It won album of the year, over Kendrick Lamar’s GOOD Kid, Mad City. That’s saying a shit ton, considering Kendrick won the Pulitzer for his album, Damn, in 2017.

Macklemore dropped one more album with Ryan Lewis. It sucked- at least in my opinion., as far as music goes. His third album was called Gemini. That album was again, fire. Most of the songs were fire. The entire album was great, overall.

That was back in 2018. It’s been five years since Macklemore has dropped any music.

The point being, Macklemore disappeared. He’s raising a family, which is respectable. Eh, although, he left his fans hanging. And I get that. The Heist. Think about that title. He made it clear from jump street, as far as jump street goes, that it was a heist. He got the money. He got out. End of story.

Sad, because I felt like, nah. He won’t ever leave us hanging.

But he did, and has.

Oh well. Good for you, Ben. You did what you set out to do, apparently.

Philip Webb

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