Today is Now

TIN man. Today is now man. Now is today.

Today I work on creating a fictional protagonist. I take notes by hand for what I like or dislike about this hero. Not an anti-hero, or, the Byronic hero. I learned that in college, I feel so smart.

I’m going to pull out a Janet Burroway text book so as to study the narrative arc elements. The major points that happen in a narrative arc. The more I familiarize myself with what has worked for me in the past, the better the odds that I can continue to improve as a writer and storyteller.

I’m reading The Night Stockers right now, by Ryan Harding and Kristopher Triana. I know I said I was done with extreme horror, well- this book is meant to be gory and humorous, per the authors. So it’s not like Body Art, which- Body Art was a lot to handle. It was a disturbing read, for sure. If you enjoy disturbing fiction, Body Art by Kristopher Triana is a book you should look into reading at some point.

I’m also going to read The Terminal List, by Jack Carr. Two different books read in the same day, sure, why not.

I’m also working with two different individual authors on collab books. One’s a novel, the other a collection of short stories. It’s exciting, I would recommend the collaborative dealio to anyone who wants to jumpstart their enthusiasm for storytelling. It’s a lot of fun, in my opinion.

That’s it. Wishing you the best, today.

Philip Webb

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