Write Whatever

I say, write whatever comes to mind. This doesn’t mean share everything I write with the world. It means, write it all down. See what works, what can be revised, what’s garbage, or fodder aka notes.

I’m working on writing two different books with two different people, Walt and Stephanie. I’m rolling along well with Walt, and I’m loving it. I just messaged Stephanie to let her know, I’m moving slow on the relationship stories book, although I figure, I got this.

Maybe the first story I write for this collab book with Stephanie won’t be my best short story in this collected short story book. That’s alright, I can’t write the best story every damn time I write a story. So long as I write something that has some meaning, makes people think, and entertains, then I’m not worried about my progress. I progress by writing with meaning and intentions. I intend to do such and such, and I write this to show what I think things mean.

I’m not going to worry about the second book in the trilogy of horror, my own project. I’m focused on these collabs right now. That’s important to me, the most important thing outside of reading and living life so as to experience life.

I finished the first draft of chapter II today, for Something Evil Within (working title). Walt Hitchcock is an amazing writer and storyteller. I’m happy we’re doing this collaboration. I’ll say this again: collaborative projects can really jumpstart the creative juices, get them flowing and moving about.

So, with that, I go now to do Philip stuff.

Have a great day, and an amazing weekend.

Philip Webb

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