Back in 2013 I attended a film program at a local community college. At that time in life, I was all about movies. I was watching films to up my game. I had big dreams of making it in the film industry as a screenwriter, and hopefully at some point, a director of the screenplays I would write.

I read books on dissecting movies, the major plot points, the narrative arc, all that jazz. Characterization, even history on the screenwriters themselves.

I was immersed in film for a few years. I even got the chance to hang out in West Hollywood with a family member who was working in the film industry at that time. It was pretty friggin cool. I don’t think many get to live that kind of experience.

While I never made it in the film industry, I loved every minute of studying screenwriting. It’s another point in my history as a student where I studied the craft, and then wrote screenplay beginnings.

Oddly enough, I for some reason did not major in screenwriting at Grand Canyon University. Don’t even know if they still offer screenwriting as a major at GCU, in the present time.

The last film I saw in theaters was back in December of 2019.

To be fair, I don’t remember watching anything other than Jumanji once last year.

I see that it’s also fair to see that, I might be irrelevant, or boring, since I’m not really contributing with tv shows or movies that I’ve watched. I’ve mostly watched a butt-load of The Simpsons. While that’s cool, it’s the only friggin show I’ve been consuming.

As far as reading goes, I’ve mostly read extreme horror, and splatterpunk. And that’s cool, that’s cool. Again, though, I’m kinda limited as to what I can offer in regards to stimulating conversation.

Without mentioning finances, I can find a way.

I’ve indeed got a way to watch stuff. I just need to get my lazy ass into gear, once again.

Robo Pulp is a solid person to follow. He watches movies, and gives great feedback on what he thinks about the film. More so, he relates to the story breakdown as a storyteller would. Which is really enlightening for me, when I do read his feedback on films that I’d definitely watch.

It is on me to become relatable, once again.

Sports is another outlet, followed in moderation, that can make for good conversations.

Okay, I’m out. To meditate in my Coffee & Cannabis Cafe.

Philip Webb

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