The Devil’s Workshop

Welcome, class.

This is introduction to Hell, ethics 101.

Without introducing myself, you’ve done well, and I’m proud of you. I’ll begin by saying, things are so well out of control, that I’m honestly shocked.

Jealousy is one thing, yet- you envy. Maybe you’re an observer, yes? You’ve got no bone to pick, unless danger lurks? Perhaps, this is wise. Yet- correct me if I’m wrong… An observer is on the sidelines, yes? Not really playing the game, so to speak.

For those playing the game of life, God. I’m, just, I’m so proud. You’ve come so far, trust me.

There’s never been a hidden source. It’s been you, and you- and all of you.

There’s the broken. There’s those who blend in. Beyond that is for no one to really know. Fun stuff, isn’t it?

Me, myself, and I. We’re just dancing. It’s too wild, sometimes. Oh you can’t say that! It’s not something that should be said, true. Yet no one says enough of what should be said. No, no- is not the answer. Being involved, picking up those fallen, over-burdened souls is what you’re supposed to be doing, and it’s not the government-HA!- was NEVER the government who “should” bare that responsibility. It’s on you, and you, and you and you. To bare that burden. For you are ALL human. When was the last time you considered an outsider your brother, or your sister?


That brother or sister desperately needs help. Yet you watch from through the looking glass, as they follow chaos.

What about you? When that, those, forces that are, take over? Who knows, who really be knowin’, ya know.

There’s that song, highway to hell. The guy who sang that song choked on his own vomit and died. I mean, shit. Be careful, folks.

Read more J.R.R. Tolkien. Dangerous world, it is. Beware of you. And everyone else, for people enjoy their bubbles more than they do helping.

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