Stone Wicked by Jay Wilburn

I’m about ninety pages in on the novel, Stone Wicked, by Jay Wilburn.

So far I’m really enjoying this story.

Stone Wicked is a lone inmate at an elder care prison facility. As I read, from what I can tell, Stone Wicked in the present tense sits around a small casita type of incarcerated place. He’s got a television, and gets help with being an older person, such as help wiping his ass after he poops.


Stone Wicked begins telling the guy supervising him, James, a story from old.

The really fascinating part of Stone Wicked is, his age is unknown. As Stone tells this story from the past, we don’t know as the reader if he was once a normal human being, or not. Was he always timeless? Or, did something happen in the story that made him eternal, in ways. So far that has not been revealed.

There’s a federal agent of sorts trying to piece together Stone Wicked’s story, of where exactly he came from, and who he really is. So much of Stone Wicked is unknown due to a lack of information from the previous prisons he stayed at.

Back to Stone’s story.

Basically, he’s a thief, and initially runs with a gang of two brothers and some dumbass. He leaves them behind, to run from the law. However, he leaves his gang behind in this haunted house. It’s got a closet with sub-human creatures. And there’s a boy, who isn’t human, defeating the robbers.

Then, Stone finds himself in a cave that keeps descending into the core of the Earth. He finds wicked creatures down there, too, and barely escapes them killing him.

Now, Stone is recapping his time in a small village. The people in this village are infected too. They start killing each other, like they’ve got rabies and dementia combined. It’s spooky, and there’s a lot of blood being spilled.

I’d recommend reading this book if you find yourself looking for an extreme horror novel. I’d say it’s extreme horror and somewhat splatterpunk, which I said I was taking a break from, but who the hell am I kidding. I love these types of stories, for the mere fact that it reminds me of rated R movies from the nineties. Lots of violence, throw in a plot of sorts, and I’m in.

I plan to purchase a few more books from Jay Wilburn. Also, Jay sadly passed away in 2022. I guess I felt now is the time to honor what Jay wrote before he passed away. I was following him on social media, as was he following me. I felt for some reason that it was only right to support his estate by purchasing a book he wrote. I’m a fan of his storytelling and prose, so I say, yes, I’ll plan on purchasing a few more of his books.

Anyway, back to the boring life.

-Philip Webb

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