The Blank Page

I know that a blank page can sometimes frighten me. The stark white of a word document without words can be an intimidating force. Although, if I put words down on the document, I can go from there.

I don’t edit or revise these posts. I feel that these posts are more about me reflecting on experiences.

For example, I’m not afraid to write fiction in private. The collaborations are different, although, the only ones seeing what’s written is the other author and myself. Which isn’t a problem for me.

I see that in the past I was afraid to write fiction. Maybe I can’t fully understand the fear, as it relates to me and writing fiction. I do know enough that I can push past the fear and write fiction.

That’s a good feeling. I see my contemporaries pushing new works every friggin month, it seems. That’s balling, so to speak. I wanna be a baller, therefore, I need write more fiction. It’s as simple as that, folks. Write more fiction. Spend the moneys on cover art and full body wraps. Maybe some editing services.

I’m not going to hop over to a word document right now, to write fiction. Rather, I’m going to relax some first. It’s early, still have yet to reach 5am in the time space continuum. Smoke some weed, relax with the dogs. Just relax, without thinking.

Then, at some point, I’ll sit down to work on a solo project, of fiction.

Philip Webb

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