“You smoke?”

“You mean, cigarettes?”

“Nah, dude- do you smoke weed?”


And then, at some point, I did smoke weed.

When I first began smoking cannabis, with THC, I got stupid high. I mean I got so high I really wasn’t able to function.

I would then pick when the best times where to smoke weed. At a buddies house, just the homies getting baked, set up with snacks, ready to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Or if me and who ever (not a girlfriend-until later) went to see a movie in the theaters. Weird for me to admit that I never snowboarded stoned. I guess that was back then, and I haven’t snowboarded for a long time, at this point in my life.

In the state of Arizona, Medical Marijuana became a thing in, eh- 2012? Either way, I became a patient by the end of 2012. Was a medical patient until, voila! Cannabis went recreational in the fine state of Arizona. AZ went rec in, 2020, I believe. Right before COVID popped off, if my stoner brain remembers correctly.

Since I was a medical patient, cannabis, marijuana, weed, reefer- didn’t get me super stoned like it once did. I guess medical grade isn’t as strong? Or maybe the shit I had from back then was laced? I dunno. Either way I’m happy for the fact that I don’t get retarded stoned anymore.

In fact, I’m a hi-functioning stoner. Weed, helps me find motivation. It does make me feel happy. It basically allows me to be a glass half full person. Which isn’t in my nature, most days.

The shitty part is this. Recreational prices have made all the prices of cannabis at the dispensaries soar back up, through the roof. It’s craziness, I mean that. Now, given, there’s the deals on budget weed, as I refer to it. Let’s basically say you’re getting twenty eight grams for around one hundred dollar bills. Pretty good deal, if you smoke weed, and know how much an ounce actually is to a stoner.

The problem with these budget bags, is they are no longer really worth the money. Remember how I mentioned THC? That’s a major factor in how effective the cannabis will be. Typically speaking, the higher percentage of THC on the flower, the stronger and more effective the weed will be. But, that’s not always the case. Cultivation and how it’s cured, is also a major aspect of cannabis.

To get decent stuff, it ain’t cheap. And this guy right here doesn’t have much to work with. Too bad there’s no government funded program for stoners who are broke as a joke. Wouldn’t that be a world we could all live in? I mean, well- whatever.

Weed makes me feel like I want to live, like, I enjoy life. Alcohol can make me feel buzzed, which, eh- it’s not the same thing. I’m trying not to drink. Overall, if alcohol can make things worse, it’s best I stop drinking it. Weed has never made me think, “I need to get a handle on this”.

Weed, at most, is only like being in a four foot pool of water. It’s a kiddy pool. I’m able to be in control of my body for the most part. It does slow me down, and that’s also a good thing. I’m naturally really energetic, and weed kinda calms my nerves.

Anyway, it helps me. I think it may not help others. I’m glad weed is legal in my state. Peace.

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