Alice Cooper

When I first saw a video with Alice Cooper, I thought the guy worshipped the devil. I thought he was a dude that practiced evil stuff, so to speak.

I was born and raised in Arizona, somewhere in a suburb of the Phoenix valley. Guess who else resides in the Phoenix Valley? That’s right. Alice Cooper.

I must’ve been in seventh, eighth grade. My dad took me and a couple of my friends to Alice Cooper’s haunted house, in downtown Phoenix. In fact it was my best friend Matthew who brought up the fact that all the money earned from the haunted house put on by Alice Cooper, was going to be donated to a worthy charity.

I don’t know when, but, I found out at some point that Alice Cooper is a follower of Jesus. That one particular Jesus.

Then, I saw a photo of Alice Cooper and James Helfers, the head of the English Literature department when it still existed at GCU, together. James was in cap and gown, as was Alice. Alice was receiving an honorary diploma from GCU, presented by James.

James Helfers was, and I believe still is, a follower of Jesus.

I’m not here to say Jesus is the Messiah. That’s for you to figure out. All I know, is I read between the lines. And Jesus, in my imagination, was someone worth following. Because the Jesus I know hung out with the drug addicts, the mentally ill, the homosexuals, and the transsexuals. Jesus had tea with the Buddhists, and Jesus was there for people, best Jesus could be.

I think, if I was in pain, and if someone delivered “I LOVE YOU” with true power of love, I’d know… There’s something deeply hidden that is worth following with that person.

Maybe it is all fictional, I don’t care. I’d rather believe in, have hope in, the fiction of love, than the reality of chaos. Chaos is never-ending in this life, but if I have hope in love, that love will prevail against all else, then I can carry on. I can keep going, even though my body should’ve shut down long ago. For it is the energy of love, the force of true love.

Because in the end, after the curtains close, if it all meant nothing… Did I lose anything? Nope. Nothing to gain, nothing to lose.

But I really believe there’s more to be gained, based on how we act in this life. Well, aren’t we all actors on the stage of life? Shakespeare, yeah- what a hack. lol. I like Shakespeare though. He’s alright by me.

Point is, ALICE COOPER used his power for good. He’s all behind the scenes, because it’s not a selfish act. He does it silently, without wanting anything in return, because he must know how awful it is to suffer. And yes, if providing money to a charity that actually uses it to help abandoned children, he did it and still does it. Alice for sure does his research, he’s like Santi Claus, he checks his list twice, finding out who’s naughty and who’s nice.

By the way, I can tell you what the truth is not, but what the truth is for YOU, YOU must find for yourself.

Perhaps it’s the Islamic faith, or Judaism. Buddhism, or Hinduism. LDS, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Pentacostal. Or maybe it’s none of it, and you find your truth, on your own. Truth within, I believe, is a true north star. A guide through this life. That is really different from person to person, which I think is pretty cool. Yet, it can be relatable. That’s how we connect, I believe, is because we can relate to one another, through experience, and how we see ourselves, and others.

Jesus doesn’t have to be your guide. It’s up to you, who or what guides you.

I just see that, true followers of Jesus, act as Jesus did. They get involved, they really help. They make a difference out of love, selflessness, that it matters more to help those in pain, than to clink champagne glasses with successful people.

That’s why I will always love Johnny Cash. Johnny was real, in pain, yet, when the moments presented themselves, he was a loving person to others. I just sense that, I guess. Yeah, he struggled with addiction, because he struggled with mental health. But Johnny Cash performed live at Folsom Prison. Do you realize that was a prison, for the most hardcore prisoners? And Johnny Cash went there, a performed live. In a way, that reminds me of Jesus, something Jesus probably would’ve done. Artists performing for our American soldiers overseas, throughout the years, that to me, also reminds me of Jesus.

Those artists, weren’t obligated to do that. But they gave a damn, wanted to bring some joy to an otherwise hellish reality. Sure, we’re in hell, but let’s play music and tell the devil we won’t be forced down.

That assumes there are forces of good and evil. I don’t believe in dualism, by the way. Love will always win, no matter what chaos throws at us. At least that’s what I believe.

I’ll end with saying I try to be a Samwise Gamgee to everyone. I want to carry my friend when he can no longer carry him or her self. To help, to really friggin help my friend. Because, my friend may not have anyone else. So I’ll be there. I’ll be there, and I won’t leave, unless you tell me to get lost. And I may come seeking you, because you might be in danger, and maybe you need my help, even if you told me to get lost. Because, Samwise also reminds me of Jesus.

Philip Webb

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