Free Masons

Here’s the coolest thing about the Free Masons- a Free Mason, will NEVER invite you to a Free Mason meeting, UNLESS, you ask to attend a Free Mason meeting. How fucking cool is that? Most Free Masons, don’t even mention that they are Free Masons. Because, they aren’t trying to convince anyone of joining.

In fact, if you ask to attend a meeting, and you are invited… ATTEND. Here’s another cool thing about the Free Masons. All Free Masons, come from different religious upbringings. Maybe before becoming a Free Mason, that individual was a Catholic, or a Muslim- a Hindu. Now, I could be wrong about this, but I don’t think I am.

However, not everyone can actually become a Free Mason. I know this: you can’t be a convicted felon, and be a Free Mason. No felonies allowed.

My great-uncle George was a Free Mason, when he was alive. He was the oldest of the siblings, too. I’m the oldest of my siblings, for that matter. Every Christmas George would paint something, turn it into a holiday card, and send it to his younger brother, my grandfather.

That’s all I knew about George. Also, George was the only sibling my grandfather never talked smack about. His two younger brothers, and older sister, he talked smack about them, although deep down he loved them (I think, anyway).

Some dumbasses associate the Free Masons with the Illuminati. I call bullshit on that. If any order became the Illuminati as we imagine them, they probably stemmed from The Knights Templar. Kristopher Triana mentions them, in one of his stories. That their Lord was a demon Lord, as in, a Fallen Angel. Uh, I can say with blind confidence that that ain’t what the Free Masons are about.

Even my grandfather, even he was like, “The Free Masons are a great group. They do a lot to help others”.

The Free Masons remain as mysterious to me today, as they did back then. I failed to attend a meeting that I was invited to. I got freaked out by one of the head brother’s name. I shouldn’t have let that deter me. But, here’s the thing. Once I didn’t attend, that guy that was a Free Mason, left me alone. We fell out of touch.

Which I think is also really solid. It’s almost like, “hey, we gave you a chance to see what we’re about, now that door is closed, since you decided not to find out what we are about”. You get rare opportunities in this life. Those who are wise do not come knocking. They extend an invite, once. If you fail to show up, that’s it. They won’t invite you again, because clearly, that initial invite wasn’t that important. Well, but… I was busy! The Free Masons don’t care. It’s kind of like, a letter on their door says, “good luck!” Nothing more, nothing less.

If you find yourself with an invite to attend a Free Mason meeting, go. I think it’s only men who can be Free Masons, which I don’t understand, but I’m not here to judge.

If you’re looking for a good group to join, and you’re lucky enough to get an invite, I’d say that’s a group worth checking out.

Philip Webb

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