When I first began to snowboard, I had a tough time in my pursuits of being a rad snowboarder.

My buddy told me, “gravity will catch you”, applied from going toe side to heel side.

I finally got it. It took a leap a faith, to trust that, I wouldn’t land on my ass. Ever after I figured it out, I loved to snowboard. Read the snowboarder magazines, got a nice board and boots, pants jacket, helmet googles. I had the works. Still do, although I don’t snowboard anymore.

The thing about gravity is, we can feel it happening. Trip, sometimes fall, sometimes balance it out, and not fall.

I learned to gradually shred the powder. To create little trails in the snow, my board did that, I should say. It was so much fun. Hauling ass- going at least thirty miles an hour down the mountain. A need for speed, and adrenaline.

I’ll always remember those days, when I was snowboarding. Good times.

If you live near a mountain with snowboarding trails, you should try it, if you haven’t already. Stick with it. Once you learn the basics, that’s all there is to it. The rest is confidence, which- isn’t easy to have, but you’ll see what I mean. Trust the board, trust yourself- then you can go to the summit runs like I did that one time in Colorado. Near fifteen thousand feet in elevation. Whoah. That was high up, without a doubt the highest I’ve ever been. I wasn’t even stoned high, I was just high up.

Well, I should do something today. Watch a movie or read a book. Probably go with the latter.

Philip Webb

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