“He leaked some sort of drug-like substance from his nose, teeing off shots at the other golfers on the course”.

I’ve got a fiction book coming out in three months. It’s not part of the trilogy that I might continue to write. The problem with that trilogy is, I need to re-do DYSTOPIAN AMERICA. As of right now, that book is like The Stand before Stephen King edited it, and added like five hundred pages.

I will also be publishing a non-fiction book in six months. It’ll be about me, my life, and it will be the book where I finally tell you the honest truth of my life.

Otherwise, I need to gain power. Yes, power. Validation, acceptance, I aim to be a popular writer/storyteller. It’s not enough to die poor. I need more in this life, I feed on that shit.

So, ado until next time.

Philip Webb

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