Day One

This past weekend, alcohol once again put me in a negative mental state. My brain health was low, I was acting out like a child.

I’m not saying without alcohol, I’m going to be perfect. I am saying that without alcohol, 99.9 percent of disaster I cause will be no more.

I’m going to journal each day that I’m sober from alcohol. I’m going to make this a brain health journal. I want to journal what helps, what triggers me, and how I overcome the triggers to drink beer.

Smoking very little weed lately, as finances are not there for me to acquire cannabis. That’s alright, I figure that’s what the universe wants for the time being. I’ve got a smidge of concentrate left in a cart, so that’s cool at least.

So far today, I’ve just been relaxing. I’ve been playing Mortal Kombat Mobile. I’m about to read for some time.

I’m going to give myself thirty days sober from beer before I begin writing fiction again. Maybe at least three weeks.

For now this is my priority. I’ve been sober from beer all day today so far. This is me working on gaining one day of sobriety from alcohol.

I need to stop drinking beer. It’s the worst possible thing for me.

Thanks for sticking around. I hope maybe the stuff that helps me be in a better mental state of mind can also help others.

Philip Webb

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