Day 3, Part One

It’s now 9:15 am I got solid sleep, now I feel much better. Sleep sometimes eludes me, although, I’m aware of how important a proper night’s rest is for me.

It’s now 3:38 pm, and I am once again tired. I’m content, and tired.

Still sober from alcohol. At some point I won’t mention my sobriety as much, although for the time being it helps me to remain in a peaceful state of being, without a desire to drink beer.

I have a short story I plan to write as soon as my brain is ready to rock. I’m super excited to write this story I have in mind. I look forward to sharing with you when that time comes.

Otherwise, it’s time for me to relax. I plan to buy some food before I go to sleep for the night. Eat some of that food before I go to sleep. I’m also excited to eat some healthy food.

See you next time.

Philip Webb

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