I Deserve This aka Humility

Without working the steps in the big book, it’s pointless. I’m not here to say the big book is for every single person. There are many ways to skin a cat, so to speak- I’d never harm a kitten. I see old kittens as baby kittens. Time doesn’t change animal beings. They might slow down, and have health issues. However their energy is always so pure. I love cats, dogs, lizards, snakes spiders. Bunnies and hamsters. All sentient life form. Even a fly, is not a chaotic being. Just rewire how we see things by being unattached to emotions. Emotions are not of the craft. Sure, we use and abuse emotional discord within fiction, however- in real life, do the exact opposite.

Leave emotions alone.

Be. Do. Exist. Live.

I overthink too much. These words, these sentences forming ideas in paragraphs… It’s just what helps me find peace within. I want to transcend my ego. Does that make sense? However, I’m not trying. I just do. I be. I exist. I live. If, I stay HUMBLE. And, GRATEFUL. I might just do the impossible. Maybe. I’m not worried about maybes, I don’t give them the time of day or night.

I do. I exist. I live.

Or, simply- Do. Exist. Live. It’s more universal that way, ain’t it, me mateys?

Philip Webb

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