The Stuff I Say

With my non-fiction work I do my best to show how I evolve as a human being.

Yet, this isn’t enough. Well, I do know the people meant to read my posts do. Even so, I have bigger dreams. This stuff, for now, is child’s play compared to where I know I’ll be soon enough.

Manifest my dreams into reality. Any of us has this potential within. We all start somewhere.

I will become a master of many crafts. It’s time well spent. Jay-Z once said something along the lines of, “if you’re not in this, doing this, to be the best, what are you doing?” Jay-Z let his passion drive him to success. So passionate, doing it, puts out musical albums, and goes beyond what most humans are able to comprehend.

So, this is my sign to write fiction. To write in the shadows, then strike. Publish. The most viable way for me to become who I’ve always been within, my energy, is to work my ass off, put out material on a regular basis.

Mystery, reminds me ambiguity. Not vague, no- better than vague. Ambiguous. Mysterious.

The man of mystery. I also earned that nickname. Think it was kinda stolen from the most interesting man in the world individual, promoting Dos Equis as the only beer worth drinking.

Say just enough. Then disappear. Then, poof. I re-appear.

Philip Webb

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