The More We Know

A profound concept I am all about right now in life is wisdom, and knowledge. The more we know about cultures, and the people who are from the cultures they are descendants of, is a good thing. Also, the more we know about ourselves, this is also a good thing.

Resistance, builds strength. To be strong, means, you must endure pain. Resistance against hate, makes us grow in compassion. It’s the paradox. Hate, is the easy path. However, if you follow this path, you will die as miserably as you lived. You will be, a loser.

It’s tough, it’s not easy, to be strong. True strength defends, protects. True strength helps lift those who may not quite be as strong, or, will never be able to be strong.

A strong individuals sees there is no choice- to be a hero for the people, is what matters most.

Pain, blood, sweat, tears. Loss, suffering. It is inevitable, if a person decides to resist the easy road of hate.

Fight against the ego, the selfish ego. It’s going to hurt a lot, being selfless, truly selfless, means forgoing myself, to instead help others.

Gratitude, humility. I’ve been humbled to the ground, the universe broke me. Now, I am grateful to re-build.

This time, I will build an indestructible foundation. I know, as do others, that a rock solid foundation is the basis for everything else that comes after. This is the unmovable rock in the middle of the raging storm idea.

Step by step, brick by brick. I will build. Because, this time, is different. I freely saw a major change was necessary. Sometimes, it’s something so innocuous as a golden ring. But that ring, is the core evil within. I’m of course referring to the one ring to rule them all, from Lord of the Rings. My one ring, that I have to throw into the lava of Mount Doom, is alcohol. Alcohol, is federally legal, for anyone over the age of 21.

Look what alcohol has done to many. It can, and will, destroy a person, because playing with alcohol is like playing with fire.

I’m a cannabis advocate, because I know how it benefits me. However, each of us, unique. We are all human beings, yes- yet, we are all unique. I also know some are similar in their uniqueness, that, cannabis is indeed medicine for these individuals as well. Even so, I’m also an advocate of the phrase, “all things in moderation”. Smoking a massive amount of cannabis, or eating a massive amount of edibles, is unwise. It’s simply unnecessary. Trust me you, I also know the urge to smoke a lot. The illusion is, that if I smoke more cannabis, I’ll feel better. However, I also know this is untrue. I’ll basically numb myself to life, if I smoke too much, which- if any of us do this, what we are abusing is no longer used as medicine. Moderate what you eat, how much you exercise, how much you say versus listening. All things in moderation, I know this is wisdom.

I cannot moderate how much alcohol I consume. I have a disease, where, if I take even one sip of a beer, it’s game over. I lose myself to the poison. Upon that first sip, I lose control. This is why, for me, I abstain from taking even a sip of beer. Zero alcohol consumption is what I must focus on every day. In fact, this is the main thing, each day I live. It’s the only thing I must do each day. I must stay away from alcohol. Every day is indeed, a new day. With each new day, it’s like I’m making that decision to not drink for the first time. The past is irrelevant, in many ways, and the future is not guaranteed. Therefore, each day is a new day. No one day is the same as any other one day. Similar, yes- but different.

Well, now I’m rambling. Haha. See ya next time.

Philip Webb

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