For the Records

I refuse to hold others accountable for my mistakes, shortcomings, or character defects.

I’m now, at every turn, going to be only accountable for myself.

Which is to say, who am I to judge anyone BUT myself?

I am not. I am not a prophet, a saint, I am not your God, nor am I, nor will I ever be, your higher power.

I’m just a fucking human dude, y’all. I am but a grain of sand in the vast shores. I appreciate you if you enjoy what I do, say, or think (maybe believe), however, I’m more or less writing because it brings me some peace of mind. It helps, it’s nutrition my brain and my heart love and appreciate.

If I can find purpose in healthy outlets, have a variety of healthy outlets, I know I’ll feel even better about myself.

All I want, really, is to have peace of mind. To no longer be a reactionary creature of emotions. I can overcome the demons within, so to speak. The bad habits can be removed, replaced with good, healthy, positive habits.

If you ask, what I think about any of you- I say now, for the records, I wish you the best in your adventures of life. Go get ’em, Tiger. It’s awesome to see people making their dreams reality. I hope this happens for all of you, that your dreams become reality, that you find your own happiness, or peace of mind.

Off to write some sick twisted fiction. Must release the noxious bile. The page is hungry for words.

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