Probable & Possible

I couldn’t figure if and is to be capitalized. I don’t think so, but this & works just as well. I’m too lazy to ask google for the answer. Clever me, using signs for words.

Since my last post, I’ve taken some shit to heart. The core principle is creating worthwhile habits, that build into rituals. Make it attractive, make it something I can accomplish, make it doable.

I got the last sentence, from the book, Atomic Habits. It’s practical advise that anyone can adhere to. Hell, rent it from the library, I’m sure one of the bigger libraries in your city will have it.

How does this apply to me as a writer? Well, regardless what I post, I’m going to make sure I post at least one post on this website each day. That’s one thing, that is me writing.

The next thing I’m going to tackle come tomorrow (Sunday) or Monday will be to begin working on two separate projects with two separate individuals. I’ll work on fiction stories with Mike, and work on a collection of poems with John. I’m excited for both projects. Both projects have a strong level of appeal to me. These projects, with Mike and John, are attractive, as in, I’m revved up to get to the business.

I’m always open to work with other authors and poets. In fact, I might begin another collection of short stories, fiction, probably horror, sometime in April with Brandon. Either way, Brandon is making some amazing creative moves in the film and fiction book industries. Happy he’s making his dreams a reality.

Which brings me around to the title of this little turd post. If it’s possible, go for it. Say fuck it, and let it rip. Write down the plan of attack. Set deadlines. Meet deadlines with a completed project. Is it probable that it will be a major hit? Probably no, it’ll probably not be a lightning in a bottle type of thing. However, fucking however, dudes…It is possible that it could be a lightning in a bottle type of thing. If it’s possible, let it fucking rip.

Now of course, by let it rip I mean to pour your passion into your creative endeavors, labor for the craft you love the most. I took a break to meditate, to listen in on others who I admire. Now, I’m back to work. Breaks are a healthy thing, I think. Sometimes a break can last years, and that’s okay, I really don’t think it’s wise to blame or accuse someone who’s searching for answers. Don’t stop until you find some sort of closure, albeit within, on an internal, intrinsic level.

So, again- let it rip DOES NOT MEAN, let a chainsaw rip, or a automatic rifle rip off rounds. Let it rip is a metaphor for giving whatever it is, in a craft sense, your all.

When I say you, I could just as well say me. You, me, he, she, they- whoever. I’m not fucking pointing fingers, or subtly trying to point someone out and tell them what to do.

With these humble words I attempt to show what works for me. The most I’ll ever promote will be books, movies, music, arts and entertainment. I may not be the most entertaining guy on the block, so to speak, but it is possible to be an entertainer on a variety of blocks, in many different neighborhoods. Probably I won’t be the greatest to ever do this while I was alive, yet- it’s possible I can have one hell of a good time. To write and share with the world the many thoughts and ideas I see in my mind’s eye. What a joy. It truly is a pleasure when I re-wire how I word things, how I see this as an opportunity, the greatest opportunity available to me in this life. Wow. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. That’s a famous Wayne Dyer quote (RIP).

Have a nice Saturday, or Sunday if you’re in Australia. Maybe New Zealand too, shit- y’all are a day ahead or damn near it, as well, aren’t you, New Zealand? Don’t play coy with me NZ, I see you over there.

Philip Webb

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