Thank You

You’re all my friends. You’re all dear to me. For I see you as friends, allies.

Never have I ever made a title saying, thank you. So that’s this post’s title.

Thank you,

for helping me to realize

I have it within to succeed the way I want;

while you rock, I got what I got and I will rock with what I got.

Can I get a praise Satan? There we go.

Therefore, away I go to write fiction. I’ve got lots of ideas. I’ve been steady writing the ideas down, got the fodder, the soil, laid down on the ground. Put some seeds in. Now, just water and such. The rest will happen.

Each time I plant seeds, it’ll be different. Sometimes, worse, sometimes better. It all depends on the seeds, and the weather. Sunlight, and the absence of the sun- hidden above the clouds.

Don’t force it. Make it fun. You should enjoy whatever activity it is you say you’re one with. If it’s forced, then it’s unnatural, and that’ll never win many hearts (live and learn as I have, I promise you this). Do what makes you happy, outside of work and family time. If you love to read certain genres, read books categorized into those genres you love to read when you have the time for it.

And, don’t overthink shit. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Guess what? It’s all small stuff. Don’t worry, be happy, isn’t quite how I’d phrase it. I’d say, don’t worry, live in the moments as they happen. If something within you or I is meant to be, it’ll happen when it’s supposed to. Give yourself time. Be kind and patient towards yourself, as I learn to do each day, myself.

Philip Webb

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