Various Outlets Why I Write

I write because it sets me free from my demons. I love to craft each sentence. I have a fervor for words. The way I can combine words to create ideas in each sentence. It is magnificent.

I tweeted a lot in the past week. The reason being is Twitter is an outlet I can use for writing. I can use Twitter to hone my prose. It’s just practice. It’s a type of workout.

This here website where I post stuff is a different kind of work out. So I re-directed to this post.

I also create YouTube videos. I have a channel and these videos I publish are yet another kind of workout.

I list three different outlets, three different places to workout in different ways. That’s a solid combo going on.

I’m grateful for the friendships I’ve made via Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. I’m also grateful for you readers who read these posts.

My goal is to continue improving my workouts on throughout all three different outlets.

Why? Because I love this the most. I don’t have to think about it anymore. I am now a man of narrative action, be it fiction or non-fiction. Both are still in the realm of creative writing. I’m a creative writer. This is what I do.

I won’t force friendships. I don’t want or need your approval. I have enough people in my corner rooting me on as it is. By the same coin I gladly welcome any newcomers who want to root and support me in my corner. My corner is open to all.

I’m going to be smooth on Twitter. Just tweet and like. Not as many comments. Some commenting on Twitter works alright by me. Find a moderate balance. I can do that. I will do that.

I know I have Borderline Personality Disorder now. I’m on the case to by books that are of the self-help nature for people with my kind of mood disorder. I will see if access covers me to have therapy sessions with a counselor. I will do all in my power to become more aware of this illness. Then gather all the tools to use in combat against the illness. I am bound and determined to defeat the illness- the illness will no longer defeat me.

Do you. I’ll do me.

Philip Webb

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