Let’s Make Some Magic

When writing and reading become a bore I lose sight of my dreams. Worst case is become a pessimist and walk away from the keyboard for the rest of the day.

Some days I’m lazy. I don’t push myself to press out fresh posts. I can, mostly because I can ramble on about pretty much anything. I know all things have some sort of interesting nature worth my observing. It’s basic and kind of dry at times, although when I have a strong passion for what I write about the flow state happens. Me my energy bestowed upon me and my creator dance.

Hopefully it’s magical for others. However, it’s magical to me. The ideas burn bright in my head, they flash with urgent need. I feel I gotta write about whatever it may be at that time.

I’m working on my reviews. I think the passion for the stories I talk about is crucial. If I’m amped up, maybe other people will give these authors books a chance. I don’t make any profit from promoting others works. It’s purely based in my love for stories. I praise the writing, the imagery. The voice on the page given to us by an artist. Respect the art and the artist. I will make sure to focus on praise for the art. I enjoy certain artists because I really appreciate the art they produce for the public to read and enjoy.

The focus on passion is what helps me write in certain ways. I love each word as much as I love the complete sentence. All these neat sentences that form a robust paragraph. Just the nuance within structure. How much there is to appreciate. Sips of fine wine- not gulps of box wine. Enjoy it, savor it. Really appreciate the quality of the work given. It took work to bottle that wine. An arduous process was involved and it was completed with passion. I really feel that is part of why certain wine is so appreciated. The quality, the passion and tender love, the hard work, attention to minute details. Wine connoisseurs may imagine all the work involved, and savor each sip that much more.

Some nights a glass does the job- rarely over half a bottle consumed happens. Even when it does it was destined to be an epic night. Kinda pushing the limits of inebriation. Now and again for most people is good enough. Although some responsibly drink a modest glass each evening. Proven to be healthy. Even an ice cold craft beer is good for the body. Four or five, eh- keep those outings to a minimum.

The rituals that give us a reprieve from reality. Or those habits that bring us confidence to march onward throughout the day. Rituals can be magical. In fact I know rituals are magical. The healthy rituals are the best because they bring our vibes up to maximum capacity. I never saw someone slamming down a Big Mac and thought, “I wanna grow up to be like that guy someday”. I kinda felt silly, but- a Big Mac now and again is alright I guess. Just an example of disciplining ourselves to make positive decisions more often than making negative decisions.

I could ramble on more, however- I’m going to read a book now. “HUNGER ON THE CHISHOLM TRAIL” by M. Ennenbach. Splatter Western series of books that are kinda all interrelated. I love the scenery. The wide open range of the frontier. Six shooters, bow and arrows, throwing of rocks to knock someone dead. Riding horses and leading livestock from one town to the next. Food made over an open fire out in the wilds of nature. So much to love. Outlaws who aren’t as bad as they may initially seem to be. Complex, complicated characters. Good bad and ugly. So much for me to love about these books by Death’s Head Press.

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