When I Write and Facial Hair

I shaved most of my beard off of my face. The decision was made on a whim because my sister totally Shaq Attacked me for my goatee. I felt she had some valid points. Said it looked like I trip and fell in mud and the goatee looked like mud and crud on my chin. Laughter and embarrassment ensued.

Personally, I prefer a thick beard. I was told by someone once I looked like Kratos, god of war. When he was over in Viking territory, getting down with Nordic gods and goddesses. That might have been one of the coolest compliments I’ve received, in my opinion.

I realize I can’t win the hearts of everyone. The beauty is neither can anyone else in this world. Some people love Thor, some love Deadpool- some Hawk-Man. No one is wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I take it and channel it into comedy. What’s that played out adage about opinions, that they’re like assholes, and that we all have one. I think that’s funny. It’s true and it makes me laugh. Kinda like, right on.

To continue promoting my next book, I will bring awareness to the different kinds of a-holes that we may encounter from day to day. Any of our moments while we are awake, an asshole can arise. Anyone can be an asshole. Awareness is a good place to start, because we can be equipped to re-direct. Awareness helps us deal with life in ways that are beneficial. If we cannot run away (we can- it’s often a lame a-hole who does this, so not a good idea) we must be present and face whatever comes our way. Situations, circumstances, scenarios- anything is possible, and there’s another old saying, “life is stranger than fiction”. Being prepared for anything helps stabilize the inner peace we all enjoy. The more we can be at peace within, be content within, the more we can cruise and enjoy the ride. Open to everything, attached to nothing. My mentor Mr. Bill used to say that to me. Mr. Bill could rock a mustache. I’ll be honest- most men cannot rock a mustache. I can’t. Either the man looks goofy, or the man looks like Burt Reynolds, or other men like Burt who could for sure rock just a mustache.

When I Write.

I write what appeals to me. I do love trivial information. I love propane and propane accessories. Just kidding. I love words and sentences. The paragraphs and pages. The letters not be forgot. Symbols. Grammar and linguistics. Tolkien also loved languages. Made up his own language for the elves. Even used symbols. Consider that for a moment. How that really does take a unique person. The Bronte sisters did the same thing. Made up languages and worlds of their own.

I do enjoy writing fiction. However, I want more humor in my life. Therefore I write comedic satire, best I can, on a word document. I might submit my bizarre dreams in reality short story, or I might bow out. The opportunity is fantastic for me as an independent storyteller/writer who would be grateful for a chance at more exposure. At the same time I think I might be a burden. I sometimes think I might be the hole in the ship that causes it to be at risk of sinking. If I feel I might be that hole in the ships underbelly I fret over what to do. To go further down this rabbit hole I think maybe I’m overthinking. But, what if I’m not? It perpetuates itself, because yes. I think too much. When I find myself in this hyper active mental state I know it’s time to step away from reality and meditate. I admit I meditate on my bed, laying flat from head to toes. I just empty my thoughts. I think of nothing. Maybe the forest. Or the plains. The great outdoors. The oceans. Birds chirping. Or I just imagine myself as nothing. Just a grain of sand if I am anything. Not to say I don’t matter in the grand scheme. Every grain of sand is a grain of sand. It is. That’s it. It is a grain of sand. I am a human being. That’s all.

When I humble my ass, when I realize I’m not an exotic snowflake, that I’m just existing, that I’m not special…I feel so much more at peace. Being kind isn’t that special. When I’m in the flow state being kind is more or less common sense. Of course I’m going to be polite. A confident polite. It’s not overdoing it. I’m not ramming it down anyone’s throat. Thank you. Have a nice day. It’s pretty simple. Mean it. Then I’m on my way to do work.

This is my hobby. My passion. I hope to learn something new today. Grow. On my own.

It’s best I just write stuff. I’ve got with me all that I need. I don’t need anyone else in my life. It’s nice to connect, although we can connect best through what I write.

I’m not much of a small talk kind of being. Most people would prefer small talk. That’s cool. I’m not similar to most people. That’s cool. I do what gives me peace.

Sometimes I go into the dark places. I’m light and I’m dark. I can fluctuate from brilliant light to the darkest of dark voids. I try to have a balance.

Sometimes I get exhausted. I sometimes doubt why I do anything at all. I question my existence.

Silly me. Who cares. Life is too short. I exist. I write stuff. I read stuff. I do what I can to not be an asshole. Sometimes I fail. I have flaws I’m working on removing. I’ve got a lot to focus on. For me to be proud of myself. For rising above the darkness. Taking the difficult less traveled road. The tough path brings greater inner feel good vibes. It is worth it.

If I stay in my cage and I’m a being of mystery, I’m good with it. I’m not asking any of you to follow me. I am not that Jesus guy. I think that Jesus guy was pretty cool, the version I know about. Cool the way I think Buddha is cool. I also think Muhammed is cool. They all were about peace. Overcoming the self aka the ego.

I’m working on that. It’s a constant battle. The ego will never die within. To say I killed my ego, ok sure. Except the ego always finds a way to come back to life. Do you know who my greatest adversary is? The ego within me. My nemesis isn’t any one of you. Isn’t God or Lucifer and his army. Nope.

My ego is my number one foe. My ego is the worst. I must remind myself every present moment I’m alive that the ego will only lead to pain and suffering. My ego wants to reach impossible emotional highs and lows. My ego is the worst. For me anyway. I hate my ego. I think that’s the only thing I really genuinely hate. My ego. I only hate my ego. I don’t care what that asshole Lucifer does. He can rock n roll his way, it’s none of my business.

My business? I don’t have a business. Haha. I don’t. I’m just visiting. What a ride it’s been. Seen a lot already. I’m sure there’s still more I’ll see.

Well, kinda veered off on several tangents there, didn’t I?

Make it a productive day. Do your best. Be proud of yourself if you refused to be an asshole to yourself or others. Good job. You played a part in not being an asshole, so, I mean it. Keep not being an asshole as much as possible. I speak from experience when I say no one likes when someone is acting like an asshole, pooping out foul energy. Poop in the toilet. Close the door. Turn the fan on or light a match, a candle or something. And in about ten minutes the smell will be gone. Don’t forget to flush.

Reminders to myself. I gotta keep reminding myself to not defecate in public places. Something is wrong with me. It’s like George Costanza, I just do the exact opposite of what my instincts tell me to do, and I’m like this cool, smooth operator to more people than not.

Okie doke. See ya later.

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