Remove Emotional Baggage

Over my years of living life, emotional pain has latched on to my psyche. At the time I was unaware that it was by my own invitation to emotional pain that allowed that luggage to be a burden I was, attached to.

I think it’s a process to effectively detach from the pain and suffering. It’s natural to feel the pain and say, “that hurts”. The next step in the process is to detach, or let go of, the pain and suffering that was meant to be ephemeral- emotions felt are by nature passing feelings. This too shall pass kind of sums up what I want to say.

It’s also tough to finally let go of what I held onto for many years. I have to re-wire my brain so that letting go of the feelings become a natural response. I’m teaching my brain to let it pass through without dwelling on the emotion it is I feel. I’d say when we feel emotions it is the sensation of any given emotion. People who are addicted to always feeling a certain way to function will continue to be distracted by the attachment to only feel happy.

Joy, is again, a passing emotion. Feel it in the moment, appreciate it, then keep on doing what you need to do in order to maintain inner calm in any given situation or circumstance that might arise.

Always be of compassion for all sentient life forms. The rest is a matter of preference- job, housing, a means to transport to and from where you’re required to go.

I practice becoming more and more unattached to emotional sensations and material objects. Let it come and go. emotions, are not an eternal sentence we are doomed to feel all the time. We feel different things. Some pleasant, some painful. The range of emotions, all emotions, are temporary. By knowing this as a universal truth in my understanding of things, I’ll be okay. My heart heals at some point after a break-up with a special person. Love is lost between this person and myself. In time it’ll be a distant memory that no longer causes pain.

I guess being patient matters as well. Ride out the storm. Storm slows down then stops. The skies are clear blue. No turbulence. Calm waters. Right on. Good weather conditions are pretty cool, but even this changes- that’s why it’s wise not to get overly fired up, or during the storm, be more miserable because so and so feed the emotion of fear and gave it way more power than was ever called for. The guy shouting at the top of his lungs, “we’re all gonna die! All is lost! Abandon hope and reason, ahhhh!”, is a fool. Being dramatic just worsens what is already an unideal circumstance. This guy ain’t helping matters, he’s just making everything worse. Of course, he’s freaking out. Well, he chose to freak out. Everyone probably considered freaking out, because it was an extremely daunting storm encountered. Remember, it’s natural to feel fear when nature might in fact sink the ship. Don’t focus on the worst case what if. Do everything possible to keep going onward. The storm is the storm, and those on the ship have the choice to overcome adversity, work through the fear of possible death and do what needs be done for the best chances of surviving the storm.

Sometimes, well- nature kills. Yes that’s unfortunate, however, it was beyond those killed control. They did their best to survive nature. Nature sometimes kills. Nature is nature- I don’t think it has anything to do with emotions. To say it’s an evil mountain is another way to be a fool. Or an evil body of water. To claim a church is unconditionally loving, doesn’t even make sense. Like, the church is possessed? It’s a building, how is that possible? Holy wood, sanctified paint, blessed chairs. That’s so silly to me. At the same time, it’s not something I give any energy. If some people wanna think that way, all good. That’s not on me to change their minds. It makes me chuckle a little inside myself when I see it, but then I’m back on my way to continue to show compassion and do work.

Well that’s it. I’ve said enough for now.

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