I do consider myself lucky to know people from social media, people whom I see as friends.

It’s not an allegiance, I don’t want your allegiance, or loyalty. What I mean is, if we can connect because we enjoy one another, or want to be supportive, that’s awesome. But I’m not a leader. I’m a dude, who goes by Phil, Philip, or Dietrich. I’m a dude who writes.

I think it’d be cool to have tons of followers and fans. Eh, I’m sure that’s cool, but, it’s not perfect either, is what I imagine. Being in the now, I focus on what is.

I’m grateful for the friendships. I’m grateful for interactions here and there. I’ll gladly accept them.

Just because I choose to be in a fortress of solitude all day doesn’t mean others have to be with me while I’m in my solitude place. I’m learning to accept that as well. It’s kinda who I am, but sometimes, I think more social interaction would be best. Limited social interactions seem to work the best, if I’m being honest with myself.

So it’s all goodie in the hood.

Philip Dietrich Webb

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