If you ever have the chance to make someone feel special, go for it.

There’s a woman I know. She doesn’t have much longer to live. Terminal illness.

It hit me like a brick wall today. There will come a day in the future. She’ll be gone. She’ll have passed on to whatever comes next. And this woman who spoke to me so often will never speak to me again.

It’s a bittersweet feeling. I’m glad for our connection, but at the same time, I can’t heal people. I’m sure many of us wish we had healing powers. To take away the pain, the suffering, from those we care about. The fact remains we have no such powers.

I try not to think about her passing away. I try to focus on the time we do have together, to connect from thousands of miles away, continents far apart from each other.

The best I can do is connect with her. Maybe it helps her. I hope it does. I hope she feels special, that she knows I love her so much.


Philip Dietrich Webb

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